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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is an evidence-based talking therapy used to treat mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. We offer CBT at Imagine Therapy so this post is to give you a bit more information about what CBT is, how it works and how it might be helpful. I want to delve a bit deeper into some of the therapies that we offer if you are struggling with your… Read More

I’m one, like many, that struggles to get into the habit of exercising. I enjoy it when I do it. Running is my thing. It makes me feel really good afterwards – a sense of achievement and my body feels good. Exercise is great for mental health. If you want to read more about the benefits go to this link. But regardless of the benefits I find I prioritise other things above… Read More

Many of us hold a belief that we cannot draw, or dance or paint or make music. How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say it? “I can’t!”. And yes, its true that most of us cannot create media to sell. But being a professional artist is not the same as engaging in the process of art. You may be tone deaf, you’re probably not going to win the… Read More

1 in 3 Canadians will experience mental illness during their lifetime. This is a huge figure. Even if we’re not talking about it a lot, it’s clear that mental health issues are common. Yet, mental illness is not quite as simple as a lot of physical problems. We know that if we have a cold, we can generally manage at home. We know that if we have an odd lump we should… Read More