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If you are ready to take the next step then this is what you can expect…

Book your free 20 minute consultation

You can book an appointment at a time to suit you online here. Or if you prefer to contact us we can book this for you. Once you are booked in we will send you a short intake form which you will need to complete prior to our consultation.

We usually do the consultation by phone but let us know if you’d prefer video and we’ll arrange this. The free consultation is a chance for us to discuss what you are looking for, for yourself or your child, and decide together whether an assessment at Imagine would be helpful.

Your initial assessment

Currently all assessments are being done online by video. The assessment will give us more time to discuss the problem you are experiencing and what might help. As part of this, we might ask you to complete some questionnaires, either before or after the session.

After the assessment you will receive a letter summarising what we discussed and agreed for the next steps. This might be for us to continue work together or it could be suggestions for strategies or a plan for you to try initially at home. Either way, we’ll listen to your story and then give you our view about what might help you move forward.


If we agree to continue to meet, we will decide together what that will look like. We might continue to do virtual sessions or we might meet outdoors somewhere or in our therapy room. We will have a plan and it will be based on meeting your goals.

Reviewing progress

As we progress we’ll review how things are going regularly. If it feels like things are improving we’ll keep going. If things aren’t getting better we will change our approach or stop. Our priority is helping you to make the changes to your life that you want to see.

We are looking forward to meeting you.