Who we are


Helen Finn

I founded Imagine Therapy because it brings together my skills, passions and what I believe works for good mental health.

I believe that therapy should be warm, inviting and human. Treatment doesn’t need to be clinical for it to work. I believe in people, in the goodness of people and the capacity for people to change. We are all in this life together. And we can all find ourselves at the bottom of a pit or at the end of ourselves. I don’t believe I can do life any better than anyone else. Life is surprising. I have always believed in individuality. That what works for one person might not work for another. For that reason I’ve dedicated my career to learning all I can and training in different approaches, so that I can work in a holistic way.

I am originally from England and grew up in the countryside, fostering a love of the nature and the outdoors. I love to ride horses and have always enjoyed hiking. All the better if I’m accompanied by a dog! I love growing vegetables and once had chickens. I now have a retired dog and a friendly cat. There have been plenty of times when I personally have found nature to be healing, so I was not surprised to learn later of the evidence behind this. I also enjoy music and drawing. I have two children, one of which has ADHD. He is my greatest teacher on ADHD and is a daily reminder to me of how we are all unique in how we see and understand the world.

In England I worked in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. I worked with children and teenagers with a broad range of mental health problems. I have also worked in management in Adult Mental Health Services and have offered therapy online. I have a particular interest in trauma and PTSD.

I am a licensed experienced Occupational Therapist. I qualified in 2010. I had an interest in nature-based therapy then and chose to write my thesis on Ecotherapy.

I have a post-graduate diploma in Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapy. This included a specialist focus and courses in child and adolescent approaches. I also have a Certificate in Counselling Skills which enabled me to study psychodynamic and humanistic counselling.

I have a degree in Performing and Visual Arts. I wrote my dissertation on Art as Therapy.

I have completed courses in Sensory Integration theory, evaluation and clinical reasoning.

Reviews from previous clients

“Thank you for helping me this past year. I could really not be where I am without you. Although I still find some things difficult and hard to tackle I now have the knowledge, tools and confidence to work on these myself and get better and better. To think where I started out a year and a half ago, worried about everything and everyone that might harm me, to now being able to eat with my hands and go where I want to go is unperceivable. CBT has been so good for me as it is very logical and allowed me to present my thoughts and fears in a clear, set out manner. Thank you for being so patient with me and never making me feel pushed, especially in the last few weeks, which I found particularly difficult but managed to do surprisingly with your guidance.”

“I’m finally back to who I was before and this change is all thanks to you. I wouldn’t be where I am now without your support and guidance”

“I can’t describe how unbelievingly grateful I am for you helping me become the person I am today. I’ve spent a long time convincing myself that I would never get better with my depression or anxiety, after seeing several counsellors I felt like giving up but you showed me that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and that there’s more to life than staying in my bedroom every day. I know that my life is still going to have its ups and downs but thanks to you I believe I’ll be strong enough to take anything that life throws at me now. Thank you for making the impossible possible for me”


We can offer therapy in different formats to suit your needs and preferences. This includes secure video and messenger options.

For nature-based work we meet in different spaces around Halifax Regional Municipality.

For office-based sessions we have a calm and comfortable therapy room where we can enjoy the view of the Atlantic ocean. This is located in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. Lawrencetown is located 30 minutes from the centre of Halifax.